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1001 Arabian Nights - Volume 8 by Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

By Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

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So she went with him to the house and opened the door of the closet, and he entered and brought out the chest. " She replied, "Yes, O my lady," and at once putting forth her hand, took it joyfully. Then she examined it and rejoiced to find it whole as it was, not a feather gone. ), whereat Zubaydah marvelled as did all who were present. Then she walked with a swaying and graceful gait and danced and sported and flapped her wings, whilst all eyes were fixed on her and all marvelled at what she did.

Then she went forth the palace of the Caliphate and returned to her own house, where she buffeted her face till she swooned away, When she came to herself, she pined for her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren and for the sight of her son and versified with these couplets, "Your faring on the parting-day drew many a tear fro' me, * Who must your flying from the home long mourn in misery: And cried I for the parting pang in anguish likest fire * And tear-floods chafed mine eyelids sore that ne'er of tears were free; 'Yes, this is Severance, Ah, shall we e'er oy return of you?

Accordingly he summoned the dromedaries and loading fifty of them with rarities of Al-Irak, committed the house to his mother's care and deposited all his goods in safe keeping, except some few he left at home. Then he mounted one of the beasts and set out on his journey single handed, intent upon obtaining aidance from the Princesses, and he stayed not till he reached the Palace of the Mountain of Clouds, when he went in to the damsels and gave them the presents in which they rejoiced. " Whereupon he wept and improvised these couplets, "My soul for loss of lover sped I sight; * Nor life enjoying neither life's delight: My case is one whose cure is all unknown; * Can any cure the sick but doctor wight?

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