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A Comprehensive Guide to the Study of PROUT by The Proutist Writers Group, New York Sector

By The Proutist Writers Group, New York Sector

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Under capitalism, little attention has been given to the development of rural economies. Industrialization has proceeded in a centralized manner, draining the populations of rural areas and creating ever-expanding urban centers. These cities, especially in third-world nations, give rise to numerous social and ecological problems, and in many respects, fail to provide a decent quality of life to their inhabitants. There also seems to be no immediate solution to the rural exodus and global urbanization crisis in the current economic setup.

Those involved in industry should be 20 to 30 percent, drawn from the agricultural sectors. The veracity of these general figures can only be determined by practical experience but they are based upon the following considerations. If more than forty percent of the population depend directly on agriculture, there is a high probability of excess pressure on the land, and this generally indicates the existence of subsistence 33 farming. It is unlikely that sophisticated farming methods will be used, and many farmers will not be able to earn adequate wages for subsistence.

Their reason for living and their joy of life comes from this. , fueled by the interests of economic imperialism. It is obvious that humanity should strive to eliminate such conflicts for the greater good. To do so, PROUT proposes a world governance system to serve the interests of humanity as a whole. Such a system would guarantee that cardinal human rights will be universally accepted. These rights will be guaranteed by a universal constitutional structure, a common penal code, and full support to ensure the availability of the minimum requirements of life for all.

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