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Concise Encyclopedia of Islam by Gordon Newby

By Gordon Newby

Writing approximately Islam in one quantity is a frightening activity, however it is person who I fortunately took on due to my longstanding wish to support extra humans within the English-speaking global comprehend and get pleasure from this faith. Islam is not just an international faith, claiming a few 5th of the world’s inhabitants, it's also a method of tradition and politics. Muslims are present in so much nations of the area, conversing lots of the world’s languages. there's no primary authority which can converse for all Muslims, and there's no unmarried strategy to be a Muslim. it's, just like the different nice religions of the area, different, dynamic, and tough to outline in just a couple of phrases, phrases, and entries.

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Ahl al-bayt (Arabic: people of the house) This term occurs twice in the Qur'aˆn (Q. 11:73, 33:33). In Q. 11:73 it refers to the “house” or family of the prophet Ibraˆhıˆm, while in Q. 33:33 it has a more general sense. In its pre-Islamic usage, the term was applied to the ruling family of a clan or tribe, and thus it implies a certain nobility and right to rule. In post-Qur'aˆnic usage, particularly among the Shıˆ¤ıˆ, it has come to mean the people or family of the household of the Prophet, in particular Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law, ¤Alıˆ˙ b.

Adat or adat law Customary law in Southeast Asian Islamic communities regarded as harmonious with Islamic law and holding a status close to natural law. Adat law, or its equivalent, has developed alongside sharıˆ ¤ah and complementary to it to provide regulation of those areas that sharıˆ¤ah does not cover. There has been much discussion among legal scholars about the role and legitimacy of adat law, but most allow its function on the principle that what is not expressly ˆn adha The call or announcement to prayer preceding each of the five canonical prayers.

While there has never been a single, agreedupon formulation of a creed, even among either the Sunnıˆ or the Shıˆ¤ıˆ, most creeds have a number of concepts in common. The first is that Allaˆh is the only deity. He has no partners, was not born, and did not bear. This Qur'aˆnic formulation lies at the heart of Islam. The second is that He is the creator of all that exists and everything belongs to Him and will return to Him. It follows that any possessions humans have are transitory, a gift from God, and must be used in the right manner.

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