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A pew for one, please: The church and the single person by William Lyon

By William Lyon

Publication through Lyon, William

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It would have been naive of me to ask why he attended this esse's functions. Other than the fact that he could harvest the weekly crop of new female participants, he graced the meetings because, " they don' t push all that religious stuff at you. Hell, if that's what I wanted, I'd go to regular church services. " M y impression of the esse officers and leaders whom I met is that their investment of time and talent yields a high dividend for them. Although they maintain a necessary lia­ son with the sponsoring church, their primary identification is with each other.

7 The foregoing is a description of the kind of personal value system that can lead to death, first of the spirit and then of the body. Neither an SP or a singles group can survive in spirit unless they are motivated by the intent to give and receive love. In the list of eight basic needs of the SP which I listed, love is the most important. Without love (agape or filios) as the starting point, and the end point, the other seven needs can only be temporarily quaffed-never fulfilled. " No more being satisfied with order, predictability, control, logic, or intellectual truth.

Or M rs. Right, they don' t come back. But others come here because they want companionship and have spiritual needs. Churches have been losing ground for years because they haven't kept up with social need s. People who are alone want a church they can feel comfortable in. O urs is a regular church, just like any other-except that our members often arrive alone. 1 Four years later, we interviewed M r. Chen in hopes of learning how his church had fared. He sadly informed us that his church for singles had survived for but three years.

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