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A Pictorial History of the Blue Angels: U.S. Navy Flight by Jim McGuire, Don Greer

By Jim McGuire, Don Greer

A Pictorial background of the Blue Angels

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It may be surprising to those familiar with the names of our naval heroes known commodores to be told was any such rank in the navy of in the school histories as that there never The the United States prior to the year 1862. of captain, highest commissioned rank was that corresponding in relative rank to colonel in the army, and a captain when in command of a squadron had the honorary title, not rank, of commodore, and by custom his flagship flew a broad pen- nant indicative of the rank of commodore.

Captain David Porter, just home from his disastrous cruise with the Essex to the South command of the Pacific, was assigned to the she was being steamer while He was a sailor, and a good one, but his mind could not grasp the idea of a ship without sails, and he accordingly caused a heavy built. nautical mast, rigged to carry lateen-sails, to be stepped in each hull bowsprits were also set in the ends of ; the hulls to carry jibs or head sails. To protect men required on the upper deck to handle these spars and sails it then became necessary to build up the sides, originally flush with the spar deck, PROGRESS OF STEAM NAVIGATION 16 v to to form bullet-proof bulwarks, thus adding much the All this top weight of the structure.

Mexico did not agree to the proposed British occupation of California, but the British kept a PROGRESS OF STEAM NAVIGATION 32 watch longing When relations that upon desirable territory. between Mexico and the United States were strained by a dispute as to the boundary of Texas, and a war seemed probable, an English naval squadron was assembled at Mazatlan on the west coast of Mexico with the scarcely concealed design of taking possession of California in the event of the threatened war. A small Ameri- can squadron was also present at the same port, and its commander, Commodore John D.

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