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Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusers - Theory, Design and by T. Cox, P. D'Antonio

By T. Cox, P. D'Antonio

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The relevance of the diffuseness of the space to absorption technologies is as follows. 4. When the absorption is applied, however, the acoustic conditions might be dramatically different, for instance non-diffuse, which means that the anticipated changes in noise levels and reverberance might not occur. The absorption might be more or less effective than predicted; this is discussed in Chapter 12. 1 when auditorium seating is considered. Chapter 12 discusses the application of absorption coefficients to room acoustic models where the issue of non-diffuseness is again important.

Some texts and papers used a propagation constant,  ¼ jk, in their equations instead of the wavenumber, but this will not be often used in this book. Consider a plane wave propagating through an acoustic medium, this could be air or a porous absorber. The plane wave will be taken to propagate in the x-direction for convenience. tÀkxÞ e &c ð1:11Þ u¼ where & is the density of the medium and c the speed of sound in the acoustic medium. The ratio of pressure to velocity gives the characteristic specific acoustic impedance of the medium, zc: zc ¼ &c ð1:12Þ The characteristic acoustic impedance is a very useful property of the material when calculating the transmission of acoustic waves within and between different acoustic media.

The wavefronts generated are still very ordered; however, so although semicylinders are good at spatial dispersion, they are not the best diffusers because temporal dispersion is not achieved; this will be discussed further in Chapter 10. 5 shows the effect of using a simplified Schroeder diffuser. A Schroeder diffuser changes the phase of the reflected wavefronts. 4 Huygen’s construct for a plane wave reflected from a cylinder surface. 5 A Huygen’s construct for a plane wave reflected from a simplified Schroeder diffuser.

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