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ADI Carrageenan by wahyu-r

By wahyu-r

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Whatever they may be, remain steadfast. In brief, taking your O\\n mind as witness, pledge this human life to Dharma. At the time of death, free of thought about things left undone, you should not be ashamed of yourself. The vital point of all practices is here. When the time of death is due, give away whatever possessions you have without being attached to even a needle. At the moment of death. the highest practitioners will be cheerful, middling practilioners will be without apprehension, and ordinary practitioners will feel no regret.

In general, the samaya with your Dharma-brptbers comprises holding all those who have entered the door of Lord Buddha's teachings in high esteem, and of_ training yourself in seeing everything as pure. You should abandon all criticism and partisan discrimination between philosophical schools. More particularly, all those who have the same 32 33 Guru and the same mandala are vajra-brothen. So renounce contempt, rivalry, jealousy and deceit and from your heart consider them as intimates. All sentient beings without exception have been our kind parents.

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