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Adv in Fuel-Pellet Tech for Imprvd Perf at High Burnup (IAEA

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UO2 + A12O3 + SiO2 40 (with an other Si/Al ratio) F/G. v -'Jimr ^-^j - - •'£^feP^%--< ^j§. M. '$*•'' * » . " • • • • i*•-+*>-'*• ff . ,. ( General aspect . 200 Morphology of U02 particles 50 urn U02/Mo interface lOfim F/G. 1% due to ejection and recoil from UO2 granules emerging at the pellet surface. V1, and the temperatures that it would never reach under irradiation. The CERCER fuel behaves like a standard UO2 for the thermal (§ 7, Fig. 8). 7% due to the existence of a strong contact between fuel and cladding during most of the irradiation period.

N. JMN 140(1986)1-6. Control of UO2 microstructure by oxidative sintering. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] LAVAGNINO, CARLOS, Sistema para Analisis cuantitativo de imagenes. Asociacidn Arg. Cordoba 1995. , Introd. to Ceramics. V. and GLODEANU F.. Pore Geometry and interfacial energy. D. , Grain growth in porous compacts. J. of The Am. Cer. Soc. Vol 48 No. ,On Uranium self-diffusion in UO2 and UO2+X. JMN 30 (1969) 26-35 Uranium dioxide. Ed. J. Belle. Naval Reactor Dept. DISCUSSION (Questions are given in italics) The presentation illustrates the necessity to properly handle the results of the thermal resinter test specified as QC in the fabrication of fuel.

5. CONCLUSIONS (1) Large grains have been achieved in UO2 by seeding uranium dioxide powder with single crystals and sintering under standard conditions. (2) A 2% addition of seeds of size less than 37 microns results in a fully recrystallised, large grain structure after one cycle through a production sintering furnace. (3) Similar grain sizes to those achieved by seeding techniques can only be achieved after similar times on undoped uranium dioxide by sintering above 2000°C or by considerable multiple cycling through a sintering furnace at conventional temperatures.

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