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Advanced Bioceramics in Nanomedicine and Tissue Engineering by Vallet-regi M., M. Vila

By Vallet-regi M., M. Vila

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Fig. 1). 1 wt. 7 MPa) compared with the pure PPF matrix. 1 wt. % un-functionalised SWCNTs achieved less than 37 % mechanical reinforcement [28]. 34 Table 1 Advanced Bioceramics in Nanomedicine and Tissue Engineering Overview on studies performed on CNT composite scaffolds with potential for bone tissue engineering applications. Matrix HA CPC CPC PMMA HA/PMMA PPF PPF PPF PPF PDLLA PLLA PLGA PDLLA P(3HB) PEU PLA PCS Chitosan HA HA Type of CNT F-MWCNT F-MWCNT; BM-MWCNT F-MWCNT MWCNT F-CNT F-MWCNT US-SWCNT; F-US-SWCNT SWCNT; US-SWCNT; F-USSWCNT SWCNT; US-SWCNT MWCNT F-MWCNT SWCNT; F-SWCNT MWCNT MWCNT F-MWCNT MWCNT MWCNT MWCNT MWCNT F-MWCNT Processing technique Hot-pressing Cement densification Cementation setting; densification Hot-pressing Thermal-crosslinking polymerisation Thermal-crosslinking-particulate leaching Solvent casting Thermal-crosslinking-particulate leaching Electrospinning Spin coating Solvent casting Solvent casting Solvent casting Thermally-induced phase separation Solvent casting Spark plasma sintering Lyophilisation technique Hot-isostatic pressing Hot-pressing Referenc e[27] [23] [51] [4] [52] [28] [25] [29] [49] [48] [45] [26] [43] [44] [42] [47] [53] [46] [50] [24] “-“ indicates that the method was not reported.

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