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AGS Experiments [1991-1993] by J. C Depken

By J. C Depken

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In rough agreement with the model, the lambda polarization is independent of that of the proton (D_ ,, 0) and the left-right asymmetry for lambda production is also near zero. A first measurement of these quantities for L"°production has shown large deviations from the predictions of the model. We expect to continue the L"°experiment to be able to make a definitive test of an extended model which we have proposed. 36 ppm or a factor of 20 times betterthan it is currentlyknown. 7 ppm so this experimentwill provide a direct test of the electroweakradiativecorrection,andhence of the renormalizabilityof the Giashow-Weinberg-Salamtheory.

Young SUNY Health Science Center D. Bassano, S. C. Prasad Spokesman: T. Kalolleropoulos I IIIII I I Ill II IIII I II I II I I I I The potential of antiprotons for practical applications within present antiproton collection capabilities is promising. Suggested applicationsincludedirect 3D electron density imaging, 3D multi-elementalimaging, guiding preciseandeasy delivery of ion beamsto targets, and radiation therapy. In this initial phase of the research, the following physics questions will be addressed: (a) Comparison of antiproton capture rates in complex targets with the Z-law; (b) Studies of the annihilation mechanismin nuclei.

I.... i i i! i ..... CTIOI¢ " " Schematicdtagram of the emulstonchamberexposures. ". j Pb Beam: A3 Status: Completed in 1992 Hours Charged/Approved: 27/22 EXPEmMENT868- ExP. 1 GEV/NUCLEON FROM t60 TO tWtAu IN LIGHT AND HEAVY TARGETS "_ ' "' '' " ''"' I IIIIII I Ill!! III I IIIIIII II II IIIIIIIIII II IH ]111 - I ]11 I II II III IIIIII _- _ ILl ..... III II ........ J. L. Cherry, P. V. Jones, K. P. Wefel Institute of Nuclear Physics, Krakow A. Dambrowska,R. Holynski, A. Jurak, A. Olszewski, M.

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