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Air Defense Weapons by John Nicholas

By John Nicholas

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As the German pinnace pulled away the envoy fired a red flare to signal negotiations had failed. There was a brief debate on Wilhelm Heidkamp’s bridge between Bonte and Generalmajor Eduard Dietl, the army commander, with Dietl urging Bonte to open fire. Eidsvold was turning to the northeast. Finally Bonte nodded and Wilhelm Heidkamp launched four torpedoes. Two hit and detonated Eidsvold’s magazine. There was a tremendous explosion and the old ship broke in half; the forward section sank in just fifteen seconds, followed by the stern a few minutes later.

After Hipper’s fifth salvo, Glowworm came hard to port and made smoke. She fired five of her ten torpedoes, but Hipper observed the launching and easily combed their tracks. Glowworm’s masthead was sticking up above her smokescreen and Hipper aimed salvos six and seven at this target; the last one hit near Glowworm’s fore-funnel on the starboard side. 1-inch rounds struck the destroyer amidships, on No. 1 gun, and on the bridge. Glowworm’s return fire was ineffective; she registered only one hit on Hipper’s starboard bow.

Similarly, The German Fleet at War retains German abbreviations for certain classes of warships: S-boat instead of motor-torpedo boat or E-boat, V-boat instead of patrol boat, and UJ-boat instead of subchaser or corvette. This is done because the English term is associated with the British navy ship types and does not necessarily describe the German equivalent. This book uses the English system of measurement with metric distances converted to yards and generally rounded off. The word “miles” always refers to nautical miles.

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