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Air Force Bases [U.S.] [V. 2 - Outside U.S.] by R. Mueller

By R. Mueller

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The Oversight Committee's first action was to re-form itself as a permanent Co-ordinating Group on Alien Pest Species (CGAPS). CGAPS' most important feature is the broad set of interests it represents beyond the expected state and federal quarantine agencies. S. Postal Service, the military, and state, federal, and non-profit biodiversity conservation agencies. The group is "held together by the voluntary efforts and enlightened self-interest of its members rather than by any formal authority," although formal agreements may be desirable for certain joint programmes.

5). Responsibility may also be shared between the relevant sectoral institutions and agencies. For this to work effectively, a co-ordination mechanism should be put in place, for example, the recently established federal Invasive Species Council in the United States. Equally important are mechanisms to ensure co-ordination and co-operation between federal and sub-national agencies. This is particularly important for regional economic integration organizations, such as the European Union (EU) and the South African Development Co-operation (SADC), designed to promote the free movement of goods between their Member States.

These model control and eradication programmes should be integrated with species or island recovery programmes and if possible with income generation such as through eco-tourism. ➤ Determine priority conservation islands which should be monitored and to which shipping and boat access should be regulated. It is impossible to protect all islands. Priority assessment needs to be brutal and based on cultural and scientific considerations. ➤ Set up contingency plans for priority islands and ensure the infrastructure is in place to deal with invasions.

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