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All-pervading Melodies Sound of Thunder: The Outer by Karma Chagme, Lopon Sonam Tsewang & Judith Amtzis, Kyabje

By Karma Chagme, Lopon Sonam Tsewang & Judith Amtzis, Kyabje Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche.

This namthar is not just the story of 1 extraordianry terton, revealing because it does - via anecdotes, letters, poetry, visions and goals - the deep own courting that existed among nice masters: Terton Migyur Dorje and Karma Chagme Rinpoche. It additionally includes substantial details at the nature of liberation tales themselves, how real tertons and tulkus may be pointed out, the significance and value of treasure teachings and sacred locations, the character of the guru-disciple dating and different an important themes. The textual content is additional graced with a wealth of reports of many different tertons, prophecies through Guru Rinpoche and different masters, in addition to insights into the way of life and occasions of a few the good practitioners of seventeenth century Kham.

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In order to dispel the pride of the people living in tall temples, he made a huge thangka large enough to cover a temple. He also had two sons: the elder one was Lha God Gyal, and the younger Gompo Gyal. These brothers both had the quality of wrathful, powerful brigands. They laid the foundation of six fortresses in one day and built a bridge. They built three temples with golden statues of the tantric deities, and fashioned from gold and silver two sets each of the extensive and middle length Prajnaparamita texts.

They sent a lightening bolt that killed two cattle and knocked unconscious a few men and dogs. The grandfather actually perceived these terrifying events. Three monks from Kathog went to the place where Migyur Dorje was living with the hope of finding him. However, they did not see him, and his uncle frightened them away. As Shenpa Marnag had prophesied, they failed in their mission and returned empty,handed. Meanwhile, another Kathog THE LIBERATION OF ThRTON MIGYUR DORJE monk set out in search of their tulku, but when he arrived at the door of the fortress, Migyur Dorje's father shouted loudly.

KARMA CHAGME'S EXAMINATIONS First, I offered torma to the local deities and warned them not to impede the examination. I dedicated the torma of retribution to the obstructing spirits; frightening them off; I set the boundaries and visualized the protection circle. As religious music played, I thrice performed the descent of the blessings on Terton Migyur Dorje; as a result I experienced the meditative state of spontaneous blazing with tears dropping like rain. Next, performing the body offering, I mingled my mind with my lama and displayed the authentic multiplying relics of Buddha Shakyamuni, a self,arisen stone statue of the Compassionate One, a self,arisen image of Amitayus 117 from the stone in the lake at Tsari, a bronze statue of Sengdongma118 that was revealed as a treasure, and the body, speech and mind representation of the Great Compassionate One.

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