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Along the Socialist or Capitalist Road? by Renmin Ribao, Liberation Army Daily Editorial Boards Hongqi

By Renmin Ribao, Liberation Army Daily Editorial Boards Hongqi

Extolling the Maoist place within the Cultural Revolution vs that of the previous President (and Communist theoretician) Liu Shao-chi. an exceptionally infrequent Cultural Revolution artifact

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7 The Exarchate was controlled by the primate of Bulgaria. The exarch presided over the synod, which was composed of four bishops elected by their peers for four years, and who were charged with the adm inistration of the Bulgarian Church. He relied on the Patriarchate only in affairs regarding religious dogma. For the period which interests us the exarch was Eminence Lazar Yovtcheff, whom the French called Msgr. Joseph. He was elected on April 24, 1877, and a few weeks later, on June 2, he received the bérat from the sultan which officially confirmed his functions.

The main goal was not achieved because European diplomacy continued to ignore the Macedonian qnestion. In France, The Journal of Proceedings, of June 28, 1895, denounced Sofia’s political maneuver. Europe was charged with the affairs of Armenia. ”66 For these reasons, and beginning with the failure of Melnik, two different leanings regarding the conduct of the struggle in the three vilayets began to surface and to controvert the direction of the Macedonian Committee. 67 At the end of 1895, a Congress met in Sofia between December 3-16.

Msrg. Ambrosios reacted brutally by closing the church where 30 THE MACEDONIAN QUESTION, 1893-1908 the Serbs celebrated the Mass in Slavonic. The Serbs, however, forced their way into the church and celebrated the Mass. In Constantinople, the representative of Serbia attempted unsuccessfully to influence the patriarch. 13 In January 1897, the Serbs renewed their demands. The negotiations lingered and it was only in July 1897 that the sultan announced his decision which saved the authority of the patriarch and satisfied the Serbs, but maintained the rivalry between the two communities.

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