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American Exodus by Giles Slade

By Giles Slade

As temperatures upward push, declines in agricultural creation and freshwater offer will reduce US sporting capability through 2/3, and emerging sea degrees will influence the country's such a lot densely populated areas. a daunting survey of what's to come back, American Exodus argues that mankind can live on the arriving century of weather chaos if we act speedy to maintain our shield of final inn.

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1 Meanwhile, America is using a current lull in northward immigration to build better fences and to tighten security along the densely populated borderlands of California, New Mexico and Texas. ” But it’s not the impenetrability of America’s borders that’s responsible for the current downturn in Mexican immigration. To speak frankly, it’s ­patently 31 32 • American Exodus ridiculous to believe that any fence can keep desperate and determined Mexican and Central American migrants out of the United States.

This monumental error on the Plains forced over a million residents to abandon their homes and migrate across the continent. Because of their numbers, this migration taxed the resources of every area in which they settled — ​California as well as the Northwest and the northern Midwest. In each area, the migrants impacted the politics and culture of their new homes. Their numbers, their desperation, their suffering, and the resistance they met are warning beacons to all of us when we consider North America’s future in our own era of climate change and impending migration.

The law was rarely enforced until 1936, when Davis’s newly formed “foreign legion” trawled newcomers at the main border points to find those traveling with “insufficient” funds. These unfortunates were roughed up, fingerprinted, photographed and turned around in large numbers. Ironically, Davis himself was a former Texan sharecropper. A. of eastern mobsters, reaction to ­Davis’s innovative “blockade” was tolerant at first. Even the New York Times viewed Chief Davis’s efforts patiently, explaining that America’s First Refugees • 23 Southern California .

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