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Andrew Johnson's Cloudy Nights [Mag-7] Star Atlas by A. Johnson

By A. Johnson

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Cell Microbiol 7:799–810 Bokoch GM (2005) Regulation, of innate immunity by Rho GTPases. Trends Cell Biol 15:163–171 Boquet P, Lemichez E (2003) Bacterial virulence factors targeting Rho GTPases: parasitism or symbiosis? Trends Cell Biol 13:238–246 Botham CM, Wandler AM, Guillemin K (2008) A transgenic Drosophila model demonstrates that the Helicobacter pylori CagA protein functions as a eukaryotic Gab adaptor. PLoS Pathog 4:e1000064 Bourzac KM, Guillemin K (2005) Helicobacter pylori-host cell interactions mediated by type IV secretion.

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