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Antioxidants in Food, Vitamins and Supplements: Prevention by Amitava Dasgupta

By Amitava Dasgupta

Эта серьёзная книга рассказывает о роли антиоксидантов для нашего здоровья. bankruptcy 1 creation to loose Radicals and the Body’s Antioxidant safeguard bankruptcy 2 tools for Measuring Oxidative pressure within the Laboratory bankruptcy three Oxidative tension prompted via pollution and publicity to daylight bankruptcy four Oxidative rigidity because of Cigarette Smoking, Alcohol Abuse, and Drug Abuse bankruptcy five Oxidative pressure triggered by means of loved ones chemical substances bankruptcy 6 mental Stress-Induced Oxidative pressure bankruptcy 7 Oxidative rigidity and Cardiovascular illnesses bankruptcy eight Oxidative pressure and melanoma bankruptcy nine Diabetes and Oxidative rigidity bankruptcy 10 position of Oxidative pressure in Neurodegenerative illnesses and different illnesses regarding getting older bankruptcy eleven Oxidative tension with regards to different ailments bankruptcy 12 culmination, greens, and Nuts bankruptcy thirteen Tea, espresso, and Chocolate: wealthy assets of Antioxidants bankruptcy 14 Alcoholic drinks: Antioxidant and different future health merits of average intake bankruptcy 15 Antioxidant nutrients bankruptcy sixteen natural and different supplements which are Antioxidants bankruptcy 17 battling Oxidative pressure with a fit way of life

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2):9À14. [25] Wang CH, Wu SB, Wu YT, Wei YH. Oxidative stress response elicited by mitochondrial dysfunction: implications in the pathophysiology of aging. Exp Biol Med 2013;238: 450À60. 17 18 CHAPTER 1: I n t r o d u c t i on t o Fr ee R a d i c a l s an d A n t i o x i da nt D e f e n s e [26] Valko M, Leibfritz D, Moncol J, Cronin M, et al. Free radicals and antioxidants in normal physiological functions and human diseases. Int J Biochem Cell Biol 2007;39:44À84. [27] Sena LA, Chandel NS. Physiological roles of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species.

4 Markers for Oxidative Stress in Human Blood To estimate oxidative stress using animal models or human subjects, many markers of oxidative stress are used. One of the oldest but still widely used assays for the determination of oxidative stress in serum is the TBARS (thiobarbituric acid reactive substances) assay, which measures the concentration of malondialdehyde produced due to degradation of unstable lipid peroxides. This assay can be used not only in human blood but also in urine and tissue samples.

Introduction of carbonyl groups to proteins might also occur due to reaction of reactive aldehydic end products of lipid peroxidation. Dicarbonyl compounds are also formed due to glycation and glycoxidation. Various methods are available for detection of protein carbonyls. Because these products do not have UV or visible spectrophotometric absorption or fluorescence properties, detection of these compounds requires specific chemical probes, such as 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine, tritiated sodium borohydride, biotin-containing probes, and N0 -aminooxymethylcarbonylhydrazine.

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