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British Government and Politics: A Comparative Guide by Duncan Watts

By Duncan Watts

This middle textual content meets the wishes of these all for classes in relation to the British political approach. the writer examines the associations and practices of British executive and politics and makes selective comparisons with the event of different nations, often liberal democracies.In every one bankruptcy, there's a normal comparative research of the subject, via a radical exam of the placement in Britain. 3 examples from out of the country are then in short explored.Key Features:• accessibly written, trustworthy and up to date• deals an engaging and penetrating research of the political scene in Britain• makes use of info and examples derived from the 2005 election• informs the dialogue of British politics by means of making applicable overseas comparisons (July 2010)

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Each authority is independent in its own sphere, although there may be concurrent powers shared between the two levels. The distinction between the two forms can be exaggerated. In most democratic states, power is to some extent decentralised. Sometimes, as in Britain or Spain today, the degree of decentralisation to some areas may be extensive. When such autonomy has been granted to a regional authority, it is highly unlikely that it would in practice ever be taken away. Similarly, in countries that are federal, there has often been in recent decades a trend towards growing central power, so that back in the 1970s examiners could sometimes ask whether the United States was in reality becoming a centralised, 30 British Government and Politics unitary state.

The fusion (rather than the complete separation) of powers – government ministers who head executive departments sit as members of the legislature and are responsible to it. play is constantly changing, which is why Hanson and Walles9 were able to refer to the British habit of placing ‘new wine in old bottles’. The British Constitution in flux: the case for constitutional renewal From the 1960s, many thinkers and writers began to urge the cause of ‘constitutional reform’, which became a fashionable topic for discussion among the chattering classes.

Multiculturalism Refers to the diverse range of ethnic groups and cultures that make up society. Multiculturalists argue that all people of goodwill – whatever their background – can live together, celebrate diversity, each community preserving its culture whilst respecting that of others. Multi-ethnicity Refers to the diverse range of ethnic groups that make up society. Political culture The collective expression of the fundamental attitudes, beliefs, values and ideas that dispose people to react in a particular way in their approach to political issues.

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