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Early Ancient Near Eastern Law. A History of Its Beginnings: by Claus Wilcke

By Claus Wilcke

This very convenient precis and exposition of the assets and content material of early historical close to jap legislations used to be first released in 2003 through the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften. during this moment variation, Prof. Wilcke has supplied minor corrections and a 44-page part that comes with additions to the 1st printing, supplemental bibliography, and an appendix that takes under consideration newly unearthed texts from the financial institution of Italy assortment.

issues lined contain concerns resembling legislations codes and edicts, govt and administrative ideas and legislation, own prestige, kin legislation, estate and inheritance, treaties, contracts and alternate of products, and edicts. the result's the one such a lot complete, man made resource on legislation and felony issues within the old close to East of the early classes.

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It may also be a decision depending on further proof This can be realised by an declaratory oath (nam-erim) of one of the parties 115 or of one or more witI09 Edzard 1968, no. 78 (OS Girsu), 78 a (Sargonic Isin); FAOS 19: Ad 17 (Sargonic Adab). I [0 See Edzard 1968, 219 s. v. d i; Yang 1989, A 650, 5-8; Steinkeller 1992, no. 6 (TIM 9, 1(0),7-8; Westenholz 1987, no. 49 iii 12-14; similar: Krecher 1974a, no. 25,10: maskim d[i] si-sa-a-bi; in no. 26 ii ll-iii 2, I propose to read [U]r_dEn-lil, ensi Nibru ki -k[e4J, di-[b]i sri] ' i ' s a since Krecher's restoration [i] b - s a cannot be understood as a transitive bamtu-form with an animate ergative subject (and [b] i-is ruled out by the trace copied).

The note Edzard 1968, no. 80, on a lawsuit about an ass freed (by gross negligence or with malice) states that the case is closed and that it had been put before the governor of Nippur (restoring ll. 11-12 as: e[n)si Nibruki_se, in[im) a-gal). , the official presiding over the legal cases, C. " 73 See Edzard 1968, no. 78 a (see Steinkeller 1992, p. 7 on Jes 20 [1966) 126); 84-85 a; 93 '" FAOS 19: Is 1; Steinkeller 1992, no 5. 74 BIN 8, 121; see Edzard 1982, who could not solve the riddle of the text saying "3 (times) the governor of Kazallu was judge" and mentioning only the second and third trials to be under the jurisdiction of the governor QIsum, while the first is said to be decided by the prince Sil-migrI.

Litigated with them (di ib-da-du 11)'" See further Yang1989, no. 2 The texts mostly introduce the object oflitigation with a short summary of the previous transaction. If the legal action results from an offence, the wrong caused to the injured party is summed up in a few words 105. These summaries will represent the results of the commissioner's research. 3 Declarations of the parties during the lawsuit 106 and an occasional withdrawal (n a m - g u-se b a - n i-a 5) 107 may be recorded. 4 The successful efforts of the court to establish the truth by weighing conflicting statements and evidences are referred to with the term bar-tam "to examine", "to select" (PSD)108.

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