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Flavor Precursors. Thermal and Enzymatic Conversions by Roy Teranishi, Gary R. Takeoka, Matthias Guntert

By Roy Teranishi, Gary R. Takeoka, Matthias Guntert

content material: Thermal and enzymatic conversions of precursors to style compounds : an summary / Robert E. Erickson --
Monoterpene biosynthesis : cyclization of geranyl pyrophosphate to (+)-sabinene / R.B. Croteau --
Lipases : priceless biocatalysts for enantioselective reactions of chiral taste compounds / Karl-Heinz Engel --
Carboxylester-lipase-mediated reactions : a flexible path to chiral molecules / Detlef Lutz, Manfred Huffer, Doris Gerlach, and Peter Schreier --
Biosynthesis and biotechnological construction of aliphatic [gamma]- and [delta]-lactones / W. Albrecht, J. Heidlas, M. Schwarz, and R. Tressl --
Precursor surroundings know-how : effective aroma enrichment in fruit cells / Ralf G. Berger, Gerd R. Dettweiler, Gabriele M.R. Krempler, and Friedrich Drawert --
Glycosidic precursors of varietal grape and wine style / Patrick J. Williams, Mark A. Sefton, and that i. Leigh Francis --
Glucosides of limonoids / Shin Hasegawa, Chi H. Fong, Zareb Herman, and Masaki Miyake --
Oxygenated C₁₃-norisoprenoids : very important style precursors / Peter Winterhalter --
loose and certain taste components of white-fleshed nectarines / Gary R. Takeoka, Robert A. Flath, Ron G. Buttery, Peter Winterhalter, Matthias Güntert, David W. Ramming, and Roy Teranishi --
Thermally degraded thiamin : a effective resource of fascinating style compounds / Matthias Güntert, J. Brüning, R. Emberger, R. Hopp, M. Köpsel, H. Surburg, and P. Werkhoff --
Formation of furaneol in heat-processed meals / Peter Schieberle --
style compounds shaped from lipids by means of warmth therapy / T. Shibamoto and H. Yeo --
Formation of meatlike taste compounds / Werner Grosch and Gabriele Zeiler-Hilgart --
Peptides as taste precursors in version Maillard reactions / Chi-Tang Ho, Yu-Chiang Oh, Yuangang Zhang, and Chi-Kuen Shu --
Meat style new release from cysteine and sugars / K.B. de Roos --
research, constitution, and reactivity of 3-deoxyglucosone / H. Weenen and S.B. Tjan --
Formation of smoke taste compounds via thermal lignin degradation / Reiner Wittkowski, Joachim Ruther, Heike Drinda, and Foroozan Rafiei-Taghanaki --
response kinetics for the formation of oxygen-containing heterocyclic compounds in version structures / J.P. Schirle-Keller and G.A. Reineccius.

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Based on these results obtained by means of structural variations of the substrates, models of the ester-enzyme complex have been developed (29). However, more information of the enzyme region involved will be required, in order to fully understand the mechanisms underlying these phenomena and to predict eventually which enantioselectivity can be expected in the course of these lipase-catalyzed kinetic resolutions. Conclusions Lipase from Candida cylindracea is a useful biocatalyst to achieve kinetic resolutions of the enantiomers of 2-methyl branched compounds via esterification and transesterification (acidolysis) carried out in organic medium.

ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1992. 4. LUTZ ET AK Table IV. 4 R Conclusions As a g e n e r a l r e s u l t i t c a n be s t r e s s e d t h a t t h e esterified enantiomers e x h i b i t the following tions : preferably configura- OH Ri i s the s h o r t e r , side chain. less bulky, R 2 the longer or larger The k i n e t i c r e s o l u t i o n o f a r a c e m a t e i s a two s u b s t r a t e r e a c t i o n . I f we l o o k a t t h e r e a c t i v i t y o f a s i n g l e e n a n t i o m e r , i t c a n be r u l e d o u t t h a t a s h o r t R w i l l r e s u l t i n high r e a c t i v i t y ; i n the optimal case R i s a methyl group.

Will the enantiomeric ratio of lactones change with increasing concentration in the course ofripeningor is there a constant value which is characteristic for the variety of the plants? To determine the variations of the enantiomeric composition of lactones in peaches, fresh fruits were stored for six days in the dark at 20°C. During this period the color of the fruits changed from yellow-green to red-yellow and the tissue became soft and juicy. As outlined in Figure 1 the quantitative determination of the volatiles showed a decrease in the concentration of the 'green' aroma components hexanal and (E)-2-hexenal.

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