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Ion - or on the Iliad by RIJBKSBARON, A.


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G. ), and see also below in this note. — According to Janneke Louman (cp. n. 61), Ficino’s source for these additions may have been twofold. g. Leonardo Bruni (tr. Phaedo, around 1404; later also Phaedrus and Gorgias) and Henricus Aristippus (tr. Phaedo, around 1156), who frequently inserted participant names in their translations of Plato (but in the case of Aristippus’ Phaedo not in all MSS). More importantly, one of the MSS used by Ficino, Laur. 9 (cp. n. 109), has, in the Euthyphro, the first dialogue of the MS, names throughout, unlike other medieval manuscripts.

Tarrant (1951), a series of articles by G. Lohse (1964, 1965, 1967) and recently in an article by Halliwell (2000). Lohse analyzes the quotations from an interesting perspective, which is fundamentally different from that of Labarbe. , on 537a–b; 1967: 227–229, on 537a–b, 538d and 539a–b). Unfortunately, the value of his observations, too (see previous note), is diminished by the fact that he also allows for the possiblity that Plato may have erred in quoting Homer, it not being clear when exactly we have to reckon with this second possibility, and, second, by the fact that he hardly ever takes account of the textual variants in the Homeric quotations in Plato.

F 532b4 ὁμολογεῖ T W S f : ὡμολόγει F 532b6 τοὺς T W S : τούτους F 532b7 ἐγὼ T W S fmg : ἔχω F 533b6 οὐδ’ ἐν T W S : οὐδὲν F 533c7 οὔ. καίτοι T W S f (αίτοιsl) : οὔ. κετι F 534a4 ἀρύονται W F Stob. : ἀρύτονται T S 534a6 οὖσαι οὔ T W S f : οὖσαι F : οὔ Stob. 535b2 ἔρωμαι T W S : ἐρῶμαι F 535c2 οὖσιν T W F : οὖσα S 535d3 κλαίη(ι) T W S f : καὶ ἡ F (in mg κλίει vel κλαίει add. 85 539e7 ἅπαντα T W S pc (ἅ- supra οὐ)f (ἅ- supra οὐ) : οὐ πάντα S F 540c1 πρέπει T W S : πει [sic] F, πρέπειν Fpc 540d4 γνοίην T W S : γνοίη F 540d7 ἠρόμην T W S (ἠ in ras.

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