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Iran. Journal of the British Institute of Persian Studies by C.E. Bosworth - V. Sarkosh Curtis

By C.E. Bosworth - V. Sarkosh Curtis

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The nature of the remains of the hollow fortifications and their analysis suggest that, in a second period, the wall suffered extended damage with the destruction of its upper part (gallery, chamber and wallwalk). In the other parts of the citadel, the hollow fortifications have been maintained to the top of the gallery or higher, filled and incorporated in the solid wall. This was also true for most of the fortifications of the city. This practice allowed the builders to save on material and time for the new solid fortifications.

Following the attack, sections of the hollow wall that were too heavily destroyed were replaced by a solid wall, and a solid wall was built against the sections relatively intact. INTERNATIONAL MERV PROJECT-PRELIMINARY REPORT ON THE EIGHTH SEASON (1999) 29 from the text: similarly the north point is usually off true. Please note the following specific mistakes. 4. The Lesser Kyz Kala, p. 148, fig. 143 left, Pilyavsky'splan of the ground floor requires rotating so that the stairway,5, is at the bottom right instead of the bottom left; p.

Zubayr en 67 proviendrait du fait puisque sa presence au tableau 1 ne s'accompagne qu'en cette annee cUmar b. cUbaydallah fut pas toujours de celle des autre villes; ce sont autant nomme au gouvernement de Fars. son identification liee jusqu'a5 present 5. la ville de Narma-shir zubayrides de Kirman, se sentant alors plus en dont les ruines sont situees 5. II securite de voisinage, auraient opere plus aisement reste 5. valuer la valeur stratdgique de ce dernier puisque leur inspiration traduisait tout de mtme celle du gouvernement legal de la Mekka.

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