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SS521-AA-MAN-010 Diving and Manned Hyperbaric Systems -

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2 Suspension of Certification Suspension of certification is a temporary withdrawal of certification, which remains in effect while one or more actual or potential violations of the terms of certification are investigated and corrected. System certification may be suspended by either the user command or the SCA. The user command should suspend system certification anytime there is work to be performed on the system that requires SCA review, or an unsafe system condition is identified. Manned use of the system during the suspension is not authorized.

Modifications to equipment/components within the SOC e. Overhaul, repair or alteration, as defined in Chapter 5 f. Expiration of a lease contract g. Failure to correct Category IC cards by specified date or event h. Issuance of a Category IA survey card i. Casualty to the system or its occupants/divers pending the issuance of an investigative report dealing with the incident. 2 Sustaining System Certification Sustaining system certification comprises those actions required of the applicant to assure the SCA that a diving system remains in the as-certified condition throughout the tenure of certification.

When performing an on-site material audit of a new system, survey personnel must use a survey check-off list similar to that used in system surveys. The check-off list is designed to ensure the critical material OQE, fabrication, operational and test requirements are met. All documentation shall be presented in an organized and auditable form. The SCA should be able to quickly and easily trace the documentation to the hardware and vice versa. It is strongly recommended that the applicant organize documentation using the SCA’s Survey Checklist.

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