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The Complete Correspondence of Sigmund Freud and Karl by Sigmund Freud, Ernst Falzeder, Karl Abraham, Caroline

By Sigmund Freud, Ernst Falzeder, Karl Abraham, Caroline Schwarzacher, Christine Trollope, Klara Majthenji King, Andrew Haynal

Author note: Karl Abraham (Editor), Ernst Falzeder (Transcribed, Edited & Introduction), Caroline Schwarzacher (Translated by), Christine Trollope (With), Klara Majthenji King (With), Andrew Haynal (Introduction)

Karl Abraham used to be a big and influential early member of Freud's internal circle of relied on colleagues. As such, he performed an important half within the institution of psychoanalysis as a known and revered self-discipline.

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2. Dementia praecox and hysteria. At that time the group of illnesses now combined under Bleuler's term “schizophrenia” was generally called “dementia praecox” (A. Morel; E. Kraepelin). In his paper, Abraham had tried to show that “the infantile sexuality of the individual is expressed in the symptoms of a subsequent outbreak of dementia praecox in the same way as Freud has demonstrated in cases of hysteria” (1907[9]: p. 13). 2F Prof. Dr Freud Vienna IX, Berggasse 19 7 July 1907 My dear Colleague, I have read your acute and, what is more important, conclusive remarks1 with quite special interest.

352–359; 1896b: p. 167; 1896c: p. 212; cf. E. 1: p. E. 3: p. 167). 6. James Strachey's translation of Nachträglichkeit as “deferred action” in the Standard Edition has been the subject of recent criticism. We take over the term used by Peter Hoffer in his translation of the Freud/Ferenczi letters. ] 3F Hôtel du Lac Lavarone (South Tyrol) Lavarone1 26 July 1907 My dear Colleague, Your letter2 is the first of scientific content that has followed me here into the holidays. It only increased 59 my enjoyment, because it again bears witness to the advance of knowledge in the matter of dementia praecox and revives the prospect of the realization of long-restrained hopes.

As for dementia praecox, ideas and emotions are temporarily barred (though often for a very long time). 2 In connection with the second point in your letter, I would like to try to substitute another term for that of dementia in cases of chronic mental illness. Apparently, the insufficient development towards object-love is due to an inhibition in the unfolding of the personality. Personality is, after all, nothing but the individual's way of reacting to the stimuli emanating from his environment.

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