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Radiochemistry of Tin by W. E. Nervik

By W. E. Nervik

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NaOH. Centri- - Sn Procedure 9. Neutralize saturate 10. the supn. with dropwise the SnS2 in 2 ml 11. Add any undissolved carrier 2 mg Sb+++ 12. Boil to expel 13. Dis solve 14. Evaporate near Reject AS, SnS2 dryness, 15. 8 (Continued) with cone. make 3s04’ O. 3N — in HC1, HzIS. Dissolve 12 ml. No. to expel and ,H2S, and dilute saturate Resaturate with with to H2S. ~S. HC1. to dryness. several the Sn02. boil O. 3N in HC1. — in minimum repeat HC1, material (Sb). to the sn+4 a olution make an aliquot Transfer cone.

H2S: saturated Cupferron, salt, solution gas reacts not as SbC13 added HC1, 6y HC1 : Cone” cone. H3B03: * added as aqueous in 4M — in lM — ‘2s04 HF: HI: added Na2Te03 with the ammonium Sn(IV) the ammonium specific ing ions have for salt in hydrochloric ion being or sulfuric replaced tin and czm only been of nitrosophenylhydr acid oxylamine, to give by an equivalent be used removed. 45 after the large an insoluble of tin. number The tin test is of interfer- Sn Procedure No. 5 (Continued) Br2-H20 NaOH: cone.

Reports and Cd112(a, (n, p) reactions, G. source and Inl 14 produced by bombarding cadmium with 38-Mev sn113 and h-Ii 14 are produced in a thick At this energy, activities, b practical 9 19 and in subsequent and the final at a range The nuclear Cdlll paper No. Maxwelll in the 60-inch radioisotopes systems sn113 preparation in this carrier-free cal is the only produced presented D. H for a total carriers the specific Phys. 20, — have of 450 been activity of the reagents. Revs, 51 Modern 585 (1948).

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