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Wireless Communications Resource Management by Dr Byeong Gi Lee, Daeyoung Park, Hanbyul Seo(auth.)

By Dr Byeong Gi Lee, Daeyoung Park, Hanbyul Seo(auth.)

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23) may be rewritten as sffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi! , the deterministic one). 8 Distribution of Rician fading channels for different values of K channel where there is no multipath component except the LOS one. 8 compares the distributions of Rician fading channel for different values of K but with the same average channel gain 0 dB (unity on linear scale). Note that the distribution converges to the average value as K increases. Sometimes, neither the Rayleigh nor the Rician model may match with the experimental results due to the application of the central limit theorem, especially when the number of multipaths is not large enough.

Rayleigh fading channels with the average SNR g distribution of the combined SNR is x 2 with 2N degrees of freedom, with the probability density (Viniotis, 1998) pðgÞ ¼ gNÀ1 eÀg=g ;  N ðNÀ1Þ! g ð2:48Þ  n . It is noteworthy that the average SNR of the combined signal whose expected value is N g increases in proportion to the diversity order N. 15 reveals that the probability of suffering from deep fading decreases drastically as the diversity order increases. 2 Hybrid ARQ Hybrid ARQ is a technique that combines two representative transmission error recovery techniques, ARQ and FEC.

The ARQ technique can operate more efficiently when used in conjunction with the FEC technique. This hybridization of FEC and ARQ is called hybrid ARQ (HARQ). The simplest version of HARQ, known as type I, simply combines FEC and ARQ by encoding the data block with a channel coding scheme prior to transmission. When the coded data block is received, the receiver first decodes the error-correction code. If all transmission errors are correctable by the employed channel coding, and the receiver can obtain the correct data block, it feeds back an ACK message.

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